Saturday, December 25, 2010

Greatest Christmas gift ever!!

Yesterday, Jeremy and I received the best Christmas gift anyone could have ever given us (except for actually having Ethan home with us, of course!). An online buddy of ours who is currently in Ethiopia got some photos of our sweet Ethan AND she also captured the most precious 12 seconds we have ever seen on camera, a short video of our son laughing and smiling. I wish I could post so you can see how beautiful he is. But trust me when I say he is just adorable!! We couldn't be more in love with him! His curious eyes were following the cameras and he kept looking at his caregiver as if to ask her for permission to smile and laugh. Simply priceless!!!

It is so good to see him looking well and healthy. God answered our prayers! I pray he continues to stay healthy and strong until we are able to bring him home!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. Now this is gooood news! I really hope he can come home soon. When do you think he'll be home?


  2. It seems like we're looking at early March (at the earliest) for a court date. We're praying it could be earlier but only God knows the right time. So we wait and pray! :)