Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great holiday season and feel refreshed, renewed and ready to face a brand new year. Oh, What? shut up Keyla and get to the court date part!?!? :-) today we received the phone call we have so anxiously been waiting for! Our court date is officially on (drum roll please!) March 10, 2011~ Yay God!!!

We are currently looking for flights but most likely will be leaving on March 4 or 5. We can't contain our excitement so if you're not in the mood for screaming and jumping, you better stay away from us!! ;-)

We received an update on Ethan last week. He is doing very well. We got to see his little 3 teeth on the bottom-front of his mouth (TOO cute!). He rolls over, pushes himself up when doing tummy time and says "mama" (TEAR!). He is not crawling yet, though. I just went to Hallmark today and bought one of those books that allows you to record your voice. The book is called "Guess How Much I Love You" and Jeremy and I will record our voices reading the story and that way he can get acquainted with our voices. We are sending him a photo as well so he can begin to recognize us. How exciting!!

We'll keep you posted as more information comes along. In the meantime we have to apply for our visa and plenty of paperwork to come! But we don't mind at all!!



  1. I love that book!! CONGRATS!!! How old is your bub, Ethan? This is really exciting news!!! What a day for you!

    I am hoping...hoping...we'll have a post like this in 2011. We're basically done with our dossier except for FBI fingerprints. We're waiting on those prints right now. Then we're finishing a workbook to send in which should be done by end of this week. Then MAYBE...we'll send in full dossier next week?!? We've got a long wait ahead of us, but just to be done with papers for a bit and be officially on a list....that would be a HUGE blessing!!!

    Congrats to the bigger tent of Robinson!!!