Friday, January 14, 2011

random thoughts...

It is almost the weekend...Yea!!

This week my mom came over for a quick visit and after I gave her the latest on Ethan's room preparations, we sat down at the dining table and started going through some old photos. It was so much fun! One of the photos reminded her of a funny story about me. She said that when I was in the 2nd grade I came home with a very serious look on my face. Apparently I took her by the hand and told her, "mom, you need to sit down because I have something very important to tell you." So we both sat down on the cold floor, indian style, and I grabbed her by the hand and told her, "mom, I am in love with Luis (we're still trying to figure out who this Luis is...) and I am going to marry him when I turn 19-years-old." She said, "ok, you do that." We both laughed so hard until our sides hurt.

It made me think of all the funny little stories Ethan and I will share in the near future. I look forward to the day when we sit at a table going through old photos and I get to tell him all of the funny things he used to say when he was in 2nd grade!

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