Saturday, March 26, 2011


Internet has been snail slow over here. It is very difficult to get into any website, but even worse on this blogger website. Unfortunately, the best times are at 3 and 4 in the mornings. Those of you who know me well, know I am possibly the least morning person in the universe. But I've had to learn to be one while in Ethiopia in order to communicate with my husband.

Anyways, as you know we passed court on March 10th! Yay! And now we are waiting to have our paperwork submitted to the US Embassy here in Ethiopia which should take place on Wednesday. Please, please, please pray that we get a quick appointment so we can get Ethan's visa and go HOME!!!  The trend right now looks very promising with families getting cleared to travel as short as one day from having their paperwork submitted. SO we are optimistic but honestly in Ethiopia you never know. But God is more powerful than any government or trend or problem and we trust in Him and His perfect timing.

It's been a little challenging to be a single mom to Ethan during this adjustment period. Did I mention, I miss my husband very much??? He is such a wonderful help to me. But I pray for wisdom and patience during this time alone with Ethan (so we can both survive it! hehe)  Ethan has been having an ear infection and it looks like really bad teething. But God always meets our needs no matter where we are. I have met some amazing women here at the guest house where I am staying at and they have given me such fantastic advice and are even willing to take Ethan when mommy needs a quick break! God is good, ya'll!! :-)  Right now I am listening to the soft breathing of my baby sleeping - Ahh...nap time, God's gift to mommies!!!

Hope everyone's having a great Sabbath day!
Love you all!


  1. First...Happy Sabbath from your home state of Florida. It looks like it will be a beautiful day. Hang in there Keyla...God is good and you'll be home soon. You will have your new family together soon. Though I haven't met you literally, Tim and I have kept you, Jeremy and Ethan in our prayers. We know it has to be sooo difficult to be away from each other during this season, BUT try to remember the lifetime you'll have as a family. Cherish the smells, sights, feelings of where you are. Journal your thoughts and bring them home for Ethan. So one day he can read through all his mama and pops experienced when God matched your lives together.

    I am thinking of you all especially today. You sound a little homesick and I CANNOT imagine what that must feel like, especially being halfway around the world. I discovered this new Christian group called, Know Hope Collective. They are really good. If you can snag it up on ITunes...check it out for something new today!

    Take care...thinking of you in Florida

    Erika and Tim

  2. It is great to read your updates. God's in control...See you soon!!!!

  3. We are praying that you all get to go home soon! Hang in there. You are a brave, strong woman!